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Kevin Mc Namara was raised in Dublin, Ireland (born in Manchester, England) of Irish parents. Kevin studied at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin where he graduated with a degree in Fine Art Painting and History of Art. Kevin went to work full time as a professional artist immediately after graduating and continues to this day.  

Kevin is a painterly realist with leanings towards impressionism and modernism. Painting mostly from life, Kevin's work includes a wide range of subjects. Typical of his method of working, the paint in his work is applied fat over lean, whereby he increases the amount of oil or medium as the painting progresses in order to produce a surface that is rich in textural terms. 

Working out of doors and reacting directly and spontaneously to his subject, Kevin aims to achieve an atmosphere and mood in his paintings although he can become preoccupied with creating a more emotional response in his work. 

Kevin's background includes major one man exhibitions both in Europe an America including a one man museum exhibition at The Datona Museum in Florida. (Detailed Resume available by email request.)

Kevin spent the early years of his career working as a professional background painter in movie and animation films. After working in Ireland and England both with Don Bluth Studios in Dublin and Peerless Camera Company in London, Kevin was recruited to work at Walt Disney Animation Studios in America. Kevin worked on Princess Bride, Thumbelina, A Troll in Central Park, All Dogs go to Heaven, The Pebble and The Penguin and a couple of TV series. Visit to view his credits through the media film site. 

After Kevin relocated to the states and remained in the industry for several more years he began developing a love for painting outdoors and doing interiors, figurative and portraits.  Eventually, he decided to break away on his own as a full time professional fine art painter. 

(link to view Kevin's film credits)


Kevin's work is represented and on exhibition in America at Hagan Fine Art in Charleston, SC and The Chimera Gallery in Mullingar, Ireland. Kevin also features some of his work occasionally at Jorgensen Fine Art in Dublin. 

Media: Please email or call 085 1411347.

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Galleries and Media- CV Available upon email request. 

Kevin Mc Namara

Clooneyogan South, Moy, Lahinch, County Clare, Ireland

To view works for sale in America, visit Hagan Fine Art in Charleston, SC.


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