Studio & Workshops

Please visit the studio in Moy, five minute drive from Lahinch.(Directions below) New works on view. 

Email or call 085 1411347. 

Studio & Landscape Classes with Kevin:

Drawing and Painting (from life) for beginners:   

6 weeks at 240.00 Euro (2019 schedule is limited.) 

Email or call to learn more. We run our classes based on matching your goals with our approach to teaching. Kevin teaches from life (not from photographs). More details below... 

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Studio & Workshops

Studio Visits: Guests are welcome to visit the studio to view Kevin's newest work.

We are located just a short drive from Lahinch in Moy, almost on the top of Moy Hill. Look for signs on the N67 and up to the studio once you turn into Moy. You can drop in and take a chance that Kevin is in for the day or call ahead to schedule a visit. We are available Mon.-Saturday 10 am - 6 pm.

Sunday by appointment only. 

Workshops:  Kevin's studio is not designed as a school for teaching. It is his personal studio. Kevin takes on small student groups and teaches students either in his studio or on location (seaside landscapes) what took him more than thirty years to learn as a professional artist. Classes run for six weeks (cost is 240.00 Euro) and you can join in at any point during a workshop. Sessions include a demo, one on one instruction and constructive feedback.

 If you are a beginner who has always wanted to learn how to paint or draw, Kevin can give you the information and training you need to get started. How you progress is up to you. Kevin tells his students that "you have to work and draw all the time if you want to improve upon what I am teaching you." After you build a foundation in drawing, Kevin will take you through the steps of learning how to paint. Please call or email to learn more. Students are responsible for their own art supplies. We can provide you with a list of materials needed for the class. 

085 1411347 

 Please email to learn more about international student workshops which run for a week in season. International one one one sessions by special appointment. Email or call for details. (Price depends on partial or full day classes or up to a week long session.) 

2 Hour sessions run 40.00 and masterclass sessions are priced below. 

Kevin works from life and teaches students in the same fashion. Kevin does not work from photographs and doesn't copy master works. Every class is taught either in his personal studio or on location along the coastline here in Co. Clare. 

Master Class Workshops and Advanced artists private sessions by appointment. 4 hour sessions begin 150.00 per session. Private session at 2 hours per session is 50.00. Our goal is to fit our teaching approach with your goals. After a brief interview, if it seems like a good fit, we can work out a schedule that suits. We do not take a straight forward and conventional approach to teaching and schedule a week of teaching where students sign up and show up. We require a brief interview to get a sense about what you are seeking in a class or workshop and then explain Kevin's approach to teaching.