Studio & Workshops

Please visit the studio in Moy which overlooks Lahinch. (Directions below) New works on view. Email or call 085 1411347.

International Workshops: Please email to learn more. 

Drawing and Painting Classes for beginners:   

6 weeks at 240.00 Euro 2019 schedule is very limited. 

Private drawing and painting classes: Email or call to learn more. We run our classes based on matching your goals with our approach to teaching. Call to schedule an interview. Thanks! 

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Studio & Workshops

Studio Visits: Guests are welcome to visit the studio to view Kevin's newest work.

We are located just a short drive from Lahinch in Moy, almost on the top of Moy Hill. Look for signs on the N67 and up to the studio once you turn into Moy.

Workshops:  Please email to learn more about international student workshops which run for a week in season. International one one one sessions by special appointment. Email or call for details. (Price depends on partial or full day classes or up to a week long session.) 

2 Hour sessions run 40.00 and masterclass sessions are priced below. 

Master Class Workshops and Advanced artists private sessions by appointment. 4 hour sessions begin 150.00 per session. Private session at 2 hours per session is 50.00. Our goal is to fit our teaching approach with your goals. After a brief interview, if it seems like a good fit, we can work out a schedule that suits. We do not take a straight forward and conventional approach to teaching and schedule a week of teaching where students sign up and show up. We require a brief interview to get a sense about what you are seeking in a class or workshop and then explain our teaching process which starts with a strong foundation in drawing.