Please visit us in the studio in Moy which overlooks Liscannor Bay and Lahinch. New works on view. 

Drawing and Painting Classes: Learn the fundamentals of art, how to draw and paint realistic art from life, draw likeness of the human face and figure and from objects or ideas. Great fun, professional and casual setting. Classes are 2 1/2 hours on weekly basis. Please call 085 1411347. Classes run for 6  weeks at 240.00 Euro

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Studio & Workshops

Guests are welcome to visit the studio to view Kevin's newest work and learn about his workshops. Ever wanted to study with a Master painter? Want to learn how to draw and paint from life? Please join us for a session or workshop anytime! 

We are located just a short drive from Lahinch in Moy, almost on the top of Moy Hill. Look for signs on the N67 and up to the studio once you turn into Moy.

Kevin's workshops are designed to offer beginners to advanced students the knowledge and guidance they need to master the principles and techniques used to create a painting that captures color, light, form and the likeness of the subject. Demos and brief talks will be given during the class. Kevin provides a generous amount of personal attention to each student which is why groups are kept to the maximum of 8 students. Studio or Plein-air setting depends on the weather. Expect a fun, professional, positive and casual setting. 

To view some of Kevin's newest work, schedule a visit to the studio in Lahinch, please call 085 1411347 or send an email to and let us know what day you would like to visit. If you are just passing by, take a chance and call in. We are available on most days and the hours are fairly flexible. 

Directions: If you have any problem finding us try calling the cell at 085 1411347 or just head to Moy from Lahinch or from Miltown Malbay along the N67 and look for the signs for Kevin Mc Namara Studio just before the turn up to Moy. Follow the little white studio signs up past the old church and look for studio sign at the t-junction located along the route. The road bends left after the church and bends left again toward the Moy Community Centre. When you reach the community center in Moy turn right and drive past the school and upwards; you are just about one mile from the studio. Keep heading up past the old cottage and two other houses and look for the artist sign on the fence in front of the main house on the left. The studio is in the back of the main house. The views are great from our hill top! We are on Google maps! 

 Workshops include:

  • Informal introductions and discussion about what you will learn in the course.
  • Introduction to classical drawing.
  • Academic level instruction.
  • Kevin will lead in a drawing and painting demonstration from life-either a still life, figure or landscape.
  • Introductions to classical painting techniques.
  • One on one encouragement, professional guidance and support throughout the workshop helping each student to achieve success. 
  • Breaks and tea.
  • Training includes a balance of structured and free form teaching. 
  • Open and ongoing dialogue which provide each student with the knowledge they need to go to the next level. 

Additional Information

Kevin teaches all skill levels from ages 18 and upwards. (We will consider under 18 if accompanied by a parent.) He teaches how to use all the materials you need to paint. He will begin with an emphasis on how to draw which will lead into painting landscapes, portraits, figurative, still life and or interiors. You will learn about composition, how to mix your oil paints to achieve the right colors and tones, how to apply paint and create a finished work that is of a high standard. We invite you to contact us and let us know if you would like to join a workshop or schedule a small group of artists to join Kevin for a day-long and up to a week long workshop. We are in the process of developing a regular workshop schedule in County Clare, Ireland, however if you are a small group and would like to schedule a learning session, please call 085 1411347 or email  We offer weekly classes all season, morning, mid day or evening for two hour sessions (which usually run a bit over.)


6 Week Workshop Value Price

 (One session per week-Aprox 2hr plus per session) 

Instruction fees is a total of 240.00 for the six weeks per person. This workshops begins with drawing (unless otherwise agreed) and is followed by painting and can be on portraits, landscape or still life. Sessions will run all summer into the shoulder seasons. Minimum of 2 students and maximum of 8.

One and Two Full 8 hr. Day workshops in Ireland and USA  150.00 for full day day workshop or 30.00 per hour for two-three hour sessions.

Great for holiday makers and or residents who want to "give it a try" and who are interested in an adventurous day of learning how to paint, either in the studio or by the coast. Instruction fees are $30.00 per hour with a minimum of two hour sessions or value sessions for 150.00 per full day of drawing and painting (7 hours with one hour break constitutes a full day).   Minimum of 2 students per session and maximum of 8 students to allow for quality attention and overall experience. Note: Students are responsible for supplying their own art supplies including, paint, palette, canvas, easel or paint box. There are a few art supply stores in the area and several in near by cities such as Ennis, Galway or Limerick.  

If you are planning to visit Clare and want to combine your holiday with a day of studying landscape painting with Kevin along the Wild Atlantic Way, let us know. Kevin can take you to the best locations and he will teach you about how to paint from life in nature. We would meet at the studio to begin the day, head out to the painting location and wrap up after a full day of painting.

Holiday Workshops in Ireland

500.00 plus accommodation

This is a more intensive workshop in terms of a full day of painting vs. half days with five hours of painting per day with a total of five consecutive painting days. This would include a one hour break in the day for lunch. 

If you are traveling from abroad and would like to learn about our holiday painting workshops in the West of Ireland, please send an email or please give us a call at 085 1411347. 

General overview: Bring all your painting supplies, easel, palette, and or a French Box. Materials are limited here on the West of Ireland. We offer unique and comfortable accommodations in our home with a week long painting workshop for two individuals or two groups able to share a double bed with private bathroom (this is on a first come, first serve basis) otherwise if you prefer, there are wonderful nearby accommodations. (Restating: We have two bedrooms in our home with two private bathrooms. Both rooms have a double bed for two or one person.)  The workshop cost would be $175.00 per day including accommodations or 100.00 without accommodations. 

Tuition includes: Instruction on painting with oil; Daily sessions are five hours of instructional painting with Kevin (with breaks). Weather permitting, we will be working along the famous Wild Atlantic Way in some of the most beautiful places in Ireland. There will be some work done in the studio depending upon the weather conditions. This is a very rare opportunity to learn from a Master Painter and have access to his studio and home life. The area is very beautiful and promised to be great fun and a meaningful learning experience. If you want to ship your supplies ahead of the workshop, please let us know. We can store your supplies up to a week before your arrival. Kevin will discuss directly with you what you will need for outdoor gear. 

Transportation and travel expenses not included. We can put you in touch with other students if you want to arrange shared rides. Taxi service and tour buses are all available in our area as well. 

Kevin will provide guided instruction and thoughtful critiques for all learning levels from beginner to advanced. The groups are kept to a maximum of 8 students to allow for quality teaching and ample time to dedicate to each student. All the work is painted from life and the lessons will include a step by step process of learning as well as free form teaching based on the level of need and interest from each student. Each class will begin with a discussion on drawing and painting, materials, color, tonal values, light, form, composition and shapes. As the class progresses, each student will come away with a sense of how to achieve a painting that combines all of the teaching elements included in the class. He creates a fun atmosphere and is known for being very generous with his time and information. His goal is for the student to feel very satisfied with what they learned and enthusiastic to learn more. Kevin says, "If you want to learn how to draw and paint, I can teach you. I can provide you with all the training, information and support you need."  

Kevin's style is energetic, fun, thoughtful and enthusiastic. He covers a great deal of information. He is patient and totally committed to providing an in depth look at how to build your painting and drawing abilities. He encourages each student to explore their own approach while learning how to incorporate methods that will help you develop and reach the next level on your artistic journey. 

Our goal is to allow for each student to learn at their own pace, to enjoy the process and feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction from learning and building their knowledge of painting and drawing. 

Note to students about this area from abroad; This area is one of the most beautiful places in all of Ireland. Around the class schedule, you would have access to the Cliffs of Moher, top class golf courses, local music, pristine beaches, excellent restaurants, shops,  surfing, local activities for family and children, popular pubs, nature walks in the famed Burren and much much more!